Jamaica has enjoyed a wonderful relationship with France over the years. Our musicians, athletes, chefs, scholars and entrepreneurs go between both hemispheres bringing nothing but greatness, excitement and talent learned or acquired from both sides of the coin. Jamaicans have come, studied, found jobs, and started families and businesses all across France. 


The association was born out of our desire to become a more organised group Jamaicans to socialize and to share more of the Jamaican culture in France. We hope to be the first contact the French have with the island before visiting, serve as a source of support and assistance for students who travel to France yearly and be a beacon of knowledge for promoting and helping in our island's development.

And so, the Association of Jamaican Nationals in France (JAMINFRANCE) was created in August 2017. It is certified as a non-profit organisation under the French 1901 Law. The official launch took place in November of the same year in the presence of Jamaican Ambassador to the EU, Her Excellency Vilma McNish.


JAMINFRANCE evolved, in part, from a series of informal picnics and other get-together activities of Jamaicans in Paris to a more organized and professional body that will serve as the voice of the Jamaican community in France.

We will use our talents and culture to showcase Jamaica, the real Jamaica we all love and hold dear in our hearts. Look out for our radio station, music festivals, cooking classes, language immersion courses, art exhibitions and scholarships. Join us as we embark on a journey across the years to come.


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