​Don't be lost when coming to live in France for the first time. Our French Connection programme will help newly-arrived Jamaicans settle in France by providing practical and critical information. Whether it is to open a bank account, tips for finding a new apartment, learning French or simply to find a nice spot so you can go and relax on a Sunday afternoon, French Connection will help you connect to France.


​Want to visit Jamaica and have a true Jamaican experience? Jamaican Connection is designed for you.


This immersion programme gives a first-hand experience of what it is like to be a Jamaican. Our cooking lessons, Patois lessons and lessons about the Jamaican culture will help you to connect with the rich paradise which is Jamaica.

Jamaican Connection will also be able to provide you with a local guide, who will help you discover the secrets of the island.



A part of the JAMINFRANCE philosophy is the promotion of French culture in Jamaica. Shortwood Teachers' college is a beacon in this domain as they are the premier institution in Jamaica that trains teachers of the French language. Our partnership will bring financial aid to student teachers to facilitate trips to France as part of their teaching experience. This will be of long term benefit to Jamaica's education system.


Would you like to impact lives of children in Jamaica? Then help JAMINFRANCE by donating to our Education Fund.

The Fund will help to finance:

  1. Scholarships

  2. Back-to-School book drive

  3. Uniform and school supplies

  4. Building and repairs of Jamaican schools.

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