The Association of Jamaican Nationals in France (JAMINFRANCE) is a socio-cultural association whose primary aims are to:

  1. Bring together Jamaicans and Friends of Jamaica who reside in France for the purposes of sharing things Jamaican -- bringing Jamaica to France in an atmosphere of conviviality           

  2. Build closer ties between Jamaica and France -- working towards the promotion of Jamaican culture in France as well as that of French culture in Jamaica                                               

  3. Serve, where appropriate, as a spokesperson for the Jamaican community in France -- being the unofficial reference point for the Jamaican government through activities such as observance of national holidays or hosting of Jamaican delegations                                      

  4. Offer support to the Jamaican community in France -- assisting Jamaicans with the integration process by providing administrative advice as well as by offering lessons in the French language, French history and French culture

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