Jamaicans reside in various parts of France. In order to make sure there are opportunities to facilitate full participation of as many as possible, JAMINFRANCE will seek to establish 5 chapters of the association -- 4 in France, and 1 in Jamaica:

PARIS CHAPTER: The French capital has assembled numerous Jamaicans for a number of years, and this is where the association is headquartered.

METZ CHAPTER: Coming soon.


NANTES CHAPTER: Jamaicans in Nantes have been vibrantly putting Jamaica on the French map through their numerous monthly activities. Look out for the exciting projects that our members will be undertaking in Nantes.

JAMAICA CHAPTER: JAMINFRANCE has struck a partnership with the French Department of the Shortwood Teachers' College to establish a local chapter. This will facilitate our actions in the local communities in Jamaica, notably through our outreach and services programmes.

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